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Post-doctoral Fellow in Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics

A post-doctoral fellow with a strong background in computational biology/bioinformatics is needed to work with a multi-disciplinary team to identify genetic factors contributing to susceptibility to drug addiction. The project requires developing novel methods for integrative analysis of multiple types of high-throughput genomic data, including whole genome sequences, single-cell gene expression, and metabolomic data, to find genetic variants and mechanisms explaining variation in susceptibility to addiction. We are especially interested in interpreting this data in the context of curated metabolic networks.

Position Requirements

  • Ph.D. with a very strong research background in computational analysis of high-throughput biological data.
  • Knowledge of molecular biology and genetics.
  • Experience working with high-throughput data sets
  • Strong implementation skills in programming languages (C++ preferred) and facility with Matlab or R.


To apply, please submit the following to

  • A CV that emphasizes your bioinformatic experience and accomplishments with genomic data analysis
  • Two individuals that can serve as references
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